We encourage parents to set up an appointment to tour the center. We practice an open door policy and encourage parents to ask questions, voice concerns and partner with the staff regarding their child's development/accomplishments. Parent-teacher conferences are strongly recommended.

A deposit equivalent to one weeks tuition is required to reserve space in the program.

There are additional state-issued forms  that must be completed and returned to the center when the child starts attending Tiny Wonders.

Tuition is due every Monday, acceptable forms of payment include: cash, checks, money orders and credit cards. We also accept state-issued childcare vouchers.

Failure to pay tuition in a timely manner will result in the dismissal of the child.

Tiny Wonders Enrollment and Policies

Arrival & Departure:

Parents are required to sign-in their child and take him/her to the appropriate classroom.
A child may not be left unattended in the parking lot, playground, or at the entrance.
Children are required to arrive at the center by 10:00am. With the exception of Dr's appointments or extenuating circumstances (subject to the director's approval), students arriving after10 am will be denied entry to the center. If the child is going to be absent in any given day, the parents must notify the center.
Parents must feed their children when arriving after 8:30am, for at that time teachers are preparing for the activities of the day.
When departing the child must be signed out by the authorized adult picking him/her up.
A late fee will be charged any time the child is picked up after 6 pm. 


Every child must bring his/her lunch. For infants all food items must be provided for by the parents.


The center cannot/will not care for a child showing signs of a contagious illness such as, but not limited to:

  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Vomiting or diarrhea.

If a child becomes ill while at the center, the parent will be notified immediately. The child must still be picked up within an hour from the time the center contacts the parent or the parents' emergency contact.
The normal late fee will be charged if the child remains at the center one hour after notification. 
Fees are due the same day. Failure to pay any fees will prevent the child from returning to the center.
When a child has been absent for a contagious illness a medical release must accompany the child upon returning to the center. A child must be symptom- free without medication for a 24 hr period before returning to the center. 

Medication Administration:

Tiny Wonders staff/director will administer medication that is prescribed by a physician, provided the parent signs the Medicine Authorization Form. The medicine must be labeled with the child's name, date, physician's name and clear instructions regarding dosage. The parent must administer the first dosage. 

Center Closings:

Tiny Wonders observes the Federal Holidays, and will be closed for more than 2 days for some Holidays.
During inclement weather the center follows PGPS schedule. Any other closings will be at the director's discretion and will include but not be limited to: power/water outages, etc.

Emergency Evacuation Plan:

Will be discussed with the parent at the time of enrollment.


Written notice 2 weeks in advanced must be given to the center prior to a child withdrawing from the center.