We focus on the following development areas:


By providing daily indoor and outdoor activities that will enhance gross and fine motor skills, i.e. running, jumping rope, or with building blocks. Making the necessary changes to include children with special needs.


With the aid of finger play, songs, story time, children get the opportunity to learn and practice using new words every day.


Our environment allows children to express their emotions, within the appropriate boundaries. Children are guided and encouraged to follow social rules, to listen and to develop a positive self-image and a positive interaction with their peers.


Throughout the day the children are provided with a wide variety of experiences that will introduce them to concepts such as letter/number recognition; letter/number sequencing; phonics, shapes and colors. By introducing them to a variety of games, they enhance their eye/hand coordination.

Tiny Wonders Educational Programs

Field trips are also part of the program, for they provide a wide range of opportunities to learn in the DC area.Type your paragraph here.

Tiny Wonders is licensed by the state of Maryland. We use the Creative Curriculum as well as other teaching resources, which help us provide a strong, basic educational program. Our staff is trained and certified by MSDE approved instructors, to prepare them to work with each specific age group, which also include children with special needs.